Home Loans: Why One Size Does Not Fit All: 3 (Money Management)

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Buying your first home? Unsure which home loan is best for you? Previous home loan refused?
Financial author and professional mortgage broker Belinda Mangani has helped thousands of home buyers find the right loan – now it’s your turn. Let Belinda steer you through the head-spinning jargon, demystify the purchase options, help you secure your best home loan and identify the right time to do it.
As the title suggests, finding your perfect home loan can be difficult, at times fraught and certainly enough to put you off ever buying a house. What’s right for your family and friends may not be right for you. Which is why, as a professional finance broker, Belinda’s advice is incontestable. She knows the questions you need to ask and why you need to ask them.

Home Loans – One Size Does Not Fit All – breaks down home loans into understandable and workable steps. First off, Belinda dispels the ‘fairy-tale’ mindset that surrounds loans – asking her reader to instead assess their finances with honesty and clarity. As it’s written by a professional mortgage broker, the reader is awarded with expert insight into the world of home loans. Belinda lives, breathes and works home loans, so she knows the ‘rules of the game’ and shares them with her reader.
Her honest and thoughtful approach to securing home loans means that home buyers can avoid loan refusals and a tattered credit rating and instead, focus on proving their security and what they can afford.
The key to Belinda’s home loan success? Her S Formula; developed over her years as a mortgage broker. This formula takes into account five S words: Serviceability, Security, Suitability, Spending and Savings. Applying these five S’s to their situation, a reader can choose a home loan that ‘fits.’
From her personal experience, and that of the thousands of home buyers she has helped, Belinda knows that the right home loan gives the borrower flexibility to pay off extra ‘here’ and a little less ‘there’ – without stress or worries. She knows that finding the right lender to provide you with the right home loan is at the forefront of a borrower’s mind. Belinda weighs up the pros and cons of finance brokers versus banks, land sales versus house purchases and auctions versus private house sales.
In this day and age, potential homeowners need the facts up front. Belinda avoids glossing over the risks, the stats or shirking from the huge commitment that a home loans incurs. In fact, she is keen to get all her readers to plan and map out their 30-year loan term (and that includes you, the reader shaking their head saying that they’ll pay their loan back in 10 years!)
Home Loans – One Size Does Not Fit All offers potential home buyers the opportunity for a one-to-one session with a professional mortgage broker. Read it in peace, at your own pace and then go get that home loan!

Publisher‏:‎Best Seller Success Publishing (20 June 2018)
Paperback‏:‎162 pages
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